• Art Dimensions: 3859 * 3859 px

  • Art Resolution: Min 150dpi

  • JPG or PNG Format

  • Color Model RGB

Design Tips

  • You can download the product knife board PSD template first, design in the template, and then upload it.

  •  It's suggested that the main Elements placed within the range of the dotted line to avoid being sewn during production.

  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and may not be an exact representation of the actual product.

Face Mask Product Details‚Äč

  • Polyester fabric material trendy respirator anti pollution face mask

  • Mental nose clip and adjustable curved elastic buckle to get fit face sealing effect

  • Insert 5 layer protection - 2 pieces PM2.5 filters proposed replacement of a week

  • General 1-2 week cleaning time by hands and prohibition for 2-4 age of children if with filters 

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